Hi, I'm Anton 👋
and this is my digital playground.
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Experiment with the Arch Linux instance running in a browser context.
Arch Linux, WASM
Hyphenate text online.
Type /həˈloʊ/ and listen to the sound of IPA.
IPA, text to speech
Compiler LaTeX source in the browser.
LaTeX, TeX
A WYSIWYG editor for math formulas.
math, TeX
Execute Metafont code online.
Metafont, TeX
A WASM port of Metafont.
Metafont, WASM, fonts, TeX
A WASM port of pdfTeX.
pdfTeX, WASM, LaTeX, TeX
Edit text files in the browser.
text editors
Convert TeX to SVG online.
Turn text into speech in your browser.
speech synthesis
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Anton Vasetenkov

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