About the project

SPARQL (SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language) is a query language for RDF, widely used for working with linked data on the web. SPARQL queries are usually executed over HTTP against SPARQL endpoints that provide access to RDF data.

In order to interact with SPARQL endpoints, you can make HTTP requests to the respective URLs programmatically using generic HTTP client libraries, command-line tools such as cURL, or GUI tools such as Postman.

To make it easier to work with SPARQL, I've created this web-based tool designed specifically for this purpose. It allows you to execute SPARQL queries against SPARQL endpoints online, without worrying about the details of the underlying HTTP protocol.

To use this tool, simply enter the URL of the SPARQL endpoint and the SPARQL query, and press the Run query button. The results of the query will be displayed in the table below.


The SPARQL endpoint URL.
The SPARQL query.
Press the Run query button to execute the query.

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